PyCon Schedule - 2019

Start Time Python Track AI Track
9:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Introduction Mashhood Rastgar Introduction to Karachi.AIAli Raza
10:15 AM Open Source and Free Software: What does it mean for you? Talk Van Lindberg Opening Keynote Talk Director Habib University
10:30 AM Data Processing with Apache Beam Talk Sohaib Zafar
10:45 AM QnA Van Lindberg
11:00 AM Python Decorators Unwrapped Talk Ammara Laeeq Scraping Data In Python Talk Barkat Khan
11:30 AM Break Using Pandas/Numpy for Analytics Talk Noman Islam
12:00 PM Instant deploys for Django apps using Google Cloud Run Talk Mashhood Rastgar Feature Engineering in Python Talk Rahim Rasool
12:30 PM Operable Python Projects Talk Ali Asad Lotia Data Visualization with Python Talk Rayan Isran
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Engineering computation with Python Talk Ali Zain Banatwala Machine Learning Modelling with SkLearn Talk Danish Haroon
2:30 PM N is better than 1. Parallel computing with Python Talk Amber Nadeem Interpreting, Evaluating Outcomes of ML Talk Daniyal Khaliq
3:00 PM Break
3:15 PM F-strings and Assignment Expression Talk Waqar Saleem SpeechRecognition with Python Talk Muhammad Naufil
3:45 PM Interactive Data Visualization with Python Talk Tooba Mukhtar Image and Video Processing with Python Talk Taha Anwar
4:15 PM Break
4:30 PM What to have for Dinner? Geeky way of solving Daily Life Problems in Python! Talk Ali Raza Bhayani NLTK & Spacy for NLP in Python Talk Tafseer Ahmed
5:00 PM Python Quiz and Prizes! Developing Robust Models with Financial Data Talk Baqar Abbas
5:30 PM Closing notes, certificates Closing notes, certificates
Start Time Lab 1 Lab 2
11:30 AM Python asyncio and Node.js Workshop Tahir Ramzan Heterogeneous Parallel Computing with pyCUDA Workshop Muhammad Junaid
3:30 PM Writing pythonic code: Tools and Tips Workshop Ammara Laeeq Python Coding Practices & Scalability Workshop Asif Kamboh
Start Time Lab 3 Lab 4
11:30 AM Natural Language Processing Workshop Tafseer Ahmed Kaggle Workshop Adnan Zaidi
3:30 PM Data Scrapping Workshop Barkat Khan Machine Learning Workshop Rahim Rasool

Habib University Event Map