Meet Our Speakers

Travis Oliphant

Keynote Speaker (Remote)
Founder, CEO/CTO of Quansight

How you can change the world by joining and participating in open source communities?

Yasser Bashir

Keynote Speaker
CEO at Arbisoft

Programming languages: how does Python measure up?

Muhammad Nasrullah

Keynote Speaker
Founder & CEO of Integry

Build your company on Python

Numan Sheikh

Keynote Speaker
Research Scientist at KeepTruckin

Is Python the language of research?

Ali Raza Bhayani

CTO at BitsWits(Pvt) Limited
CEO at

Redis with Python - Pub/Sub and Message Queueing in Python (Workshop)

Ikram Ali

Data Scientist

Python Performance Profiling (Talk)

Dr. Ayaz Ul Hassan Khan

Assistant Professor
PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology

Parallel Programming using Python (Workshop)

Muhammad Zaid

Data Analyst
Love For Data

Introduction to Computer Vision With Deep Learning in Python (Talk)

Noraiz Anwar

Senior Software Engineer

Python for Exploratory Data Analysis (Workshop)

Ali Asad Lotia

Operability Lead
Equal Experts

The GIL is irrelevant (in many cases) - Employing AsyncIO (Talk)

Muhammad Usman

Data Scientist

Domesticate your Big Data with Python and Spark (Talk)

Muzzammil Hussain

Principal Software Engineer

Python Bootcamp (Workshop)

Mateen Ahmed

Senior Software Engineer

Python Bootcamp (Workshop)

Tahir Ramzan

Virtual University of Pakistan

Open Source, Python and Google Summer of Code (Talk)

Muhammad Zunair

Technical Evangelist
Systems Limited

Microservice Architecture with Python and Docker (Talk)

Mashhood Rastgar


Building Modern APIs using Django 2.0 (Workshop)

Ammara Laeeq

Co Founder
QC Technologies

Data Classes: A boilerplate for Python classes (Talk)

Hunaid Hameed

Institute of Business Administration, Karachi

Altering the Small to Medium Business Landscape with Open Source Python (Talk)

Fahad Sarfraz

Senior Software Engineer

Giving computers the power of sight: Object Detection with deep learning (Workshop)

Aditthya Ramakrishnan

Next Tech Lab

Resurrecting the dead with deep learning (Remote-Talk)

Muhammad Qasim Pasta

Assistant Professor
Usman Institute of Technology

Network Analysis using Python (Talk)

Muhammad Tariq

Chief Data Scientist
Systems Limited

Python Enabling True Multidisciplinary Research--Saving Dollars in Retail and Finance (Talk)

Muhammad Zain Mustafa

Sr. Data Scientist

Reinforcement Learning with Python (Talk)

Malaika Rizvi

Convent Of Jesus and Mary, Lahore

Using Python to Teach Programming to Children (Talk)