Meet Our Speakers

Van Lindberg

General Counsel and Director
Python Software Foundation

Open Source and Free Software: What does it mean for you?

Amber Nadeem

Lab Engineer
Forman Christian College

N is better than 1. Parallel computing with python

Asif Kamboh

Software Development Manager

Python Coding Practices & Scalability

Ali Raza Bhayani

BitWits Pvt. Ltd.

What to have for Dinnner? Geeky way of solving Daily Life Problems in Python!

Rahim Rasool

Associate Data Scientist
Data Science Dojo

Feature Transformation using Python (Encoding Categorical Values)

Baqar Abbas Jafri

CEO, Entrepreneur

Developing Robust Models with Financial Data

Syed Danyal Khaliq

Machine Learning Lead
TPL Corporation

Interpreting & Evaluating Machine Learning Models & their Outcomes

Danish Haroon

Manager - Analytics and Innovation

Machine Learning Modelling with ScikitLearn/GraphLab

Shoaib Zafar

Software Engineer Lead

Data Processing with Apache Beam

Muhammad Naufil

NED University of Engineering and Technology

How to add speech recognition to your Python project

Barkat Khan

Software Engineer
Love For Data

Data Collection with BeautifulSoup / Scrapy / APIs

Dr. Tafseer Ahmed

Associate Professor
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

Natural Language Processing - An Overview

Tooba Mukhtar

Data Science Trainee
Data Science Dojo

Interactive Data Visualization with Python

Mashood Rastgar


Instant deploys for Django apps using Google Cloud Run

Ali Zain Banatwala

Tier Energy

Engineering Computation with Python

Tahir Ramzan

PhD Candidate
Virtual University of Pakistan

Python asyncio and Node.js

Waqar Saleem

Assistant Professor
Habib University

F-strings and Assignment Expression

Ammara Laeeq

Co Founder
QC Technologies

Python Decorators Unwrapped

Muhammad Taha Anwar

CEO, Computer Vision Contractor
Bleed-AI, Big Vision LLC

When Classical Computer Vision Beats Deep Learning

Ali Asad Lotia

Operability Lead
Equal Experts

Operable Python Projects

M. Junaid Muzammil

Staff Software Engineer

Heterogeneous Parallel Computing with pyCUDA

Dr. Noman Islam

Assoc. Prof and HoD
Iqra University

Auto Encoders for Feature Engineering

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