Meet Our Speakers

Régis Behmo

Keynote Speaker
Vice President of Engineering, Edly

Talk: On joy, teaching and video games

Edward Zarecor

Keynote Speaker
Vice President of Engineering, Axim Collaborative

Pragmatic engineering leader committed to using technology to improve teaching and learning.

Kyle McCormick

Senior Software Engineer

I strive to enrich the world by empowering others to learn and create.

Yasser Bashir

Co-founder CEO

Builder of software and companies using Python, C++ and Java for 20 years

M. Asad Shah Jahan

Senior Software Engineer
Democrance DMCC

Talk: Empowering Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow

Omer Ahmed Khan

Data Scientist

Talk: Pyre

Ali Nawaz

Software Engineer

Talk: Metaclasses 101: Customizing Class Creation in Python

Yahya Ali

Full Stack Engineer

Talk: LLMs in Development Workflows from Academia to Full Stack Engineering

Taj Muhammad Khan

Assistant Professor

Talk: Doing Functional Programming in Python

Hassan Shakoor

Software Engineer

Workshop: Deploying ML Models in Production with FastAPI

Muhammad Asad

Software Engineer

Workshop: Deploying ML Models in Production with FastAPI

Waqar Saleem

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Habib University

Talk: Exploring python through Advent of Code

Dr M. Gufran Khan


Talk: Developing LLM Apps using LangChain Framework

Samar Haider

Research Assistant
University of Pennsylvania

Talk: Semantic Search and Retrieval with Python

Muhammad Usman Bashir

Head of Backend & Infrastructure
Younite Pvt Limited

Talk: Futuristic Python: Integrating AI and WebRTC for Smart Real-time Communication Systems

Maryam Fatima

Software Engineer

Workshop: 3D art using blender, python and plugins!

Dr. Syed Hasan Adil

Associate Dean & HOD
Iqra University

Workshop: Mastering Workflow Automation: A Deep Dive into Python-based Apache Airflow

Hisham Sajid

Karachi Futures

Talk: Geospatial DS with Python

Dr. Shahzad Younis


Workshop: Higher Level Synthesis for Machine Learning

Arslan Majid

Project Manager
Rapid Silicon

Workshop: Higher Level Synthesis for Machine Learning

Zainab Amir

Technical Lead

Workshop: Debug Python code (Sync and Async)

Hafiz Muhammad Danish

University Lecturer
University of Engineering and Technology, New Campus

Talk: Trimester-wise Fetal Abnormalities Identification Using Biometric Measurements in Ultrasoun...

David Vujic

Agile Software Developer
Biolit AB

Talk: Python Developer Experience with Polylith

Muhammad Awais Akram

Lead Data Alchemist

Workshop: Building and Deploying Scalable Data Pipelines with Python and Google Cloud Platform, E...

Adnan Umer

Strong Analytics

Talk: Journey to gRPC: Revolutionizing Distributed Systems Communication

M. Junaid Muzammil

Software Engineer

Talk: Building a technology-agnostic ETL platform with PySpark

Umair Ahmed

Python Developer
Zyte (Formerly Scrapinghub)

Talk: Page Objects for Web Data Extraction

Mohammad Ahtasham ul Hassan

Software Engineer

Workshop: Elevating Your Python Stack: A Practical Approach to Python Dependency Upgrades

Raheel Siddiqui

Software Engineer
Cargobase - Singapore

Talk: Python Web Frameworks Showdown: Django vs FastAPI vs Flask

Saqib Shabbir

Content Engineer

Workshop: Building Spam Detector Using Machine Learning

Ahmed Faraz

Principal Software Engineer

Talk: Deep Dives, A Philosophy

Muhammad Ozair

Project Lead
Systems Limited

Workshop: Python Paradigms

Rubab Zahra Sarfraz

Data Lead
BridgeLinx Technologies

Talk: Elevating Trust in Your Data with Python: A Practical Guide

Syed Ansab

Software Engineer

Talk: Why is Django the right tech stack for Open Source projects

Junaid Atique

Chief Technology Officer

Talk: Domain Driven Design in Python

Palwisha Akhtar

Principal Software Engineer

Talk: Coding with Confidence: Exploring Python Type Checking and Type Systems in Mypy

Dr Madiha Khalid

Assistant Professor

Talk: Accessing Quantum Computers - Myth or Reality?

Subtain Malik

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Talk: Python and the Multiverse of Cameras: A Tale of Synchronization and Streams

Syed Dawoud Sheraz

Senior Software Engineer

Talk: Mysterious World of Python Float Arithmetics

Ali Asad Lotia

Principal Consultant
Equal Experts

I help companies build, deploy, maintain and operate resilient, performant software systems at scale

Mashhood Rastgar

Head of Engineering

Talk: Microservices Aren't Always the Answer: When a Modular Monolith Makes Sense

Mohammad Nasrullah

Founder and CEO

Talk: Going from Product to Platform

Dr. Sarmad Abbasi

Content Architect

Talk: Introduction to Numpy

Adil Imran

Software Development Engineer

Workshop: ML Ops using Kubeflow