PyCon Pakistan 2018 to bring together Python enthusiasts of the country

PyCon (Python Conference), an international convention for discussion and promotion of world’s most popular programming language, is scheduled to take place at University of Central Punjab Lahore on November 17th and 18th.

Last year, Pakistan hosted its first PyCon. The conference has originated from the U.S. and now it is held across the globe with a growing community of Python enthusiasts. This year, the conference is planning to outdo the previous edition, with a bigger and diverse lineup of speakers, activities and an increased footfall from the local Python community.

The conference inaugural edition hosted over 500 participants from all over Pakistan. The conference was lined up with workshops, speaking sessions, lectures and discussions around the Python language. The keynote speakers included David Beazley – Author of Python Essential Reference, Raymond Hettinger – Python Core Developer, and Yasser Bashir – Founder & CEO of Arbisoft.

PyCon Pakistan 2018 is expected to be a bigger event with a lot of immersive activities. It will be a two-day jam-packed conference hosting talks and workshops running in parallel. It will provide an opportunity for students and professionals to meet and network with industry leaders, field experts, and fellow Python enthusiasts.

Similar to the previous edition, the 2018 iteration of the conference will host key international and local Python developers as speakers that include, Travis Oliphant – American Data Scientist & Businessman, Luciano Ramalho – Author of Fluent Python, Yasser Bashir – Founder and CEO of Arbisoft, and Muhammad Nasrullah, Founder of Integry & Python Supporter.

The registrations for the conference are now open and tickets can be bought here.

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